3 Creative Custom Braille Signs

7 January 2020
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If you have just completed the construction of your office complex and it's time to fit out the offices, you must keep in mind that the laws of the land require you to use braille signage. The signs are designed to direct persons of varying eyesight capabilities. Many vendors sell braille signs; however, most of the signs are the ordinary four-edged type. While such braille signs are functional, they should complement the interior design of the building. It is for this reason that custom braille signs are increasingly becoming popular. Read on for creative ideas for custom braille signs that are both functional and aesthetically appealing. 

Wood Braille Signs — How many buildings have you seen use wood braille signs? Probably not that much. Most braille signs are made from acrylic or different types of metal. Wood is an excellent material for custom braille signs mainly because they send the message that you are environmentally conscious. What about the braille section? Well, if you find a professional sign maker, then that should not be a problem. The sign maker will punch small pin-like protrusions into the wood sign for the braille. The best part is that the grains on individual wood custom braille sign are unique; therefore, no two signs are identical. 

Funny Braille Signs — The primary function of braille signs is to help people with eyesight problems be independent when navigating buildings. However, braille signs don't have to be too serious, and with some creativity, it is possible to create custom braille signs that are funny. Moreover, since braille markings don't take up too much space on the sign, it is easy to add comic or witty gestures right after the main message. For instance, you can ask your sign supplier to include the braille marking with the words 'Have Fun' right below the braille marking 'Toilet'. When customers feel the marking with their hands, they will get the message and it may make them smile. The best part is that only people who read braille will understand the message. 

Acrylic Braille Signs — Acrylic braille signs are mostly clear or brightly coloured, but rarely will you see a black acrylic sign. For a more customised braille sign, the braille markings and illustrations can be coloured gold against the black background, which only adds to the sign's elegance. One might ask why custom braille signs should look elegant if the people they are designed for cannot enjoy the style. While there is some truth to these sentiments, the fact is that gold on black acrylic braille signs can complement a building's interior design.

Reach out to providers of custom braille sign supplies to learn more about your options.