3 Reasons to Choose PVC Foam Signs Over Aluminium Composite Panel Signs

15 January 2019
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The signs used to advertise your business or show people around your premises demand plenty of thought. It's easy to get caught up with right wording and design, but you should also give consideration to the material of the sign itself. There are plenty of options, but many people will find themselves choosing between PVC foam and aluminium composite panel. PVC foam is a composite of polyvinyl chloride that can be printed in a range of styles and designs — despite being called foam, your signs will be made from one solid piece of material. Read More 

Pop Up or Panel Signs for Your Trade Show Exhibit?

1 September 2017
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Trade shows are a great way to advertise your business and connect with new potential clients as they get a chance to interact with you and your products or services on a one on one basis. Nevertheless, trade shows also tend to be chock full of other businesses looking to promote themselves too! Thus, you need to ensure that the signs you choose will give you an edge over the competition and attract the foot traffic you need to boost your bottom line. Read More 

Polling Day Over? 4 Ways You Can Re-Use Unwanted Corflute Election Signs

12 December 2016
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Corflute signs can be used for many different purposes, but perhaps the most prolific use of corrugated plastic in Australia is for election signage. Australians typically vote in at least one state, federal or local government election each year. For every election, thousands of corflute signs are printed for the campaign and subsequently discarded. Unfortunately, many recyclers are unable to accept unwanted corflutes, as they need to be processed in a way different to most plastics. Read More 

Don’t Make These Mistakes When Choosing Business Signage

15 July 2016
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Your business signage can alert customers and clients to your location but also draw in foot traffic from outside. This is why it's good to think seriously about the type of signage you choose for any business, whether that's a restaurant, retail store, or a day spa. Note a few mistakes that many business owners make when choosing signage for their facility and then consider how to avoid them yourself. Read More 

2 Arguments For LED As Opposed To Neon-Illuminated Signage

6 May 2016
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The visibility of signs used in and around a commercial building is often an issue of concern for a large number of business owners. For this reason, many business owners choose to invest in illuminated business signs in their bid to achieve the highest level of visibility for their brand. Neon and LED lighting technology are perhaps the most commonly used for the illumination of corporate signs. This article provides two arguments that support the use of LED-illuminated corporate signs instead of their neon-illuminated cousins. Read More