5 Ways To Use Braille Tactile Signage On Your Business Premises

1 December 2022
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Signage is crucial for any commercial business. Braille tactile signage is an excellent way to enhance accessibility for the visually impaired or blind. These signs provide a clear, straightforward and cost-effective way to offer much-needed information to individuals who can't see printed text. You can install braille signs on different surfaces, including glass, metal, wood, ceramic and etc. You can also install braille tactile signs on floors, ceilings and walls in commercial facilities like restaurants, hospitals and libraries. Here are five ways you can use braille tactile signs in your business premises:

Escalators And Elevators 

Direction is essential to any business space to tell customers where to go. You can use braille tactile signs at elevator or escalator entrances to help the visually impaired know the direction of travel. Where possible, place braille signs on the back of the escalator or elevator. These signs consist of directional arrows corresponding with specific numbers and letters to specify floor levels. 

Information Stations 

Information stations or points are typically braille signs designed with raised dots. Often, they are common in different places throughout the commercial premises to convey specific information to customers and staff. You can use information stations to help the blind understand product descriptions, availability and price. Besides, they can help display special product offers and promotions. Depending on your unique preferences, you can design them from various materials and place them temporarily or permanently. 

Emergency Exits 

You can also use braille tactile signage to assist the visually impaired get easier access to safety during emergencies. You can place these signs outside emergency exits or near fire escape doors to guide the blind out of the business premises during emergencies. Generally, mark your premise's fire escape doors with braille tactile signs and non-braille signage. 

Washrooms Or Restrooms 

Braille tactile signage tells the visually impaired how to access the washrooms. They help them know the direction of restrooms within the building or outside. These signs can be designed to serve as permanent or temporary features placed near toilets. 

Pedestrian Road Crossings

Does your commercial business contain parking lots? If yes, installing braille signs near pedestrian crossings can be a great idea. They help individuals with impaired vision to quickly locate and cross the road. Placing braille tactile signs on road crossings can help alleviate accidents and injuries.

Indeed, braille tactile signage is beneficial to any commercial business. If you're contemplating installing braille tactile signs in your commercial business space, work with a local signage designer to enjoy its benefits.