Why You Should Use Perspex for Your Next Sign

22 February 2022
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Having the right signage for your business can make a big difference when it comes to volumes and customer experiences. Alongside the design of the sign itself, you need to consider the materials you'll use. One popular material is perspex. Here's why you should choose it for your next sign.

Extra Durable

Perspex is more durable than glass, so you don't need to worry about damage. If you envisage your business using the same signs for the foreseeable future, having something that withstands the test of time is crucial. It means you'll require fewer replacements over time, which should benefit your organisation's budget. Additionally, you don't need to worry about your business looking messy because of unexpected damage to your signs.

Shatter Resistance

In some settings, there's always a risk that objects will collide with your signs. For example, sports arenas, play areas and any signs that sit outdoors. Although some materials are prone to shattering, perspex isn't one of them. They're shatter-resistant and will continue to look pristine even if something tough hits them at speed.

Cut to Size

When you have a certain size in mind, cut-to-size perspex sheeting comes in useful. Perspex is a material that's easy to cut when you have the right tools. Because of this, you can achieve the right size and shape for your business without putting a big dent in your budget. It also means that you can make alterations later with minimal fuss.

Hygiene Maintenance

If customers are likely to come into contact with your sign, you'll need to make sure they're easy to clean. Perspex is easy to wipe down as a part of routine cleaning efforts. It's also durable enough to withstand thorough cleans. Because of this, you can perform a deep clean of outdoor signs that encounter bird faeces without worrying about fading the message printed on them.

Easy Printing

When your design team goes to the effort of creating a stunning logo, you'll want to show it at its best. Perspex is an ideal material for making colours pop. Whether your logo is simple or extravagant, you can print it onto perspex sheeting and leave it looking glorious. 

Finally, cut to size perspex sheeting is lighter than materials such as glass. This proves especially useful when you're using signs in areas where you need to move them around. Thanks to the lightweight materials, your employees won't need to do too much heavy lifting.

For more information on cut-to-size perspex sheeting, contact a company near you.