How Can Under-Awning Signs Help Your Store?

27 July 2022
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If your store sits in a row of other businesses and you have an awning or roof over the front of your building, you should consider installing one or more under-awning signs. These signs work well if the awning only sits over your store or if it stretches across a strip of businesses.

How do these signs work? What are their benefits?

What Are Under-Awning Signs?

Businesses that have a fixed-awning or overhanging roof outside their buildings can install signs under these structures. These under-awning signs typically hang from the top. They can hang loose or attach to a fixed structure.

You can site under-awning signs in different places. Some sit at the front of the awning. Here, people see them as they approach a business from the front. Or, they can be sited to the side so that people see them as they walk along the street.

You can use different materials and types of signs. Some businesses go for non-illuminated signs while other prefer to use illuminated products.

What Are The Benefits Of Under-Awning Signs?

If your store sits under an awning or roof, then it might not be instantly visible from the street. The structure over your shop front could block out your signage. People might not see that you are there from the front. Plus, they might not notice your signage as they walk up to and past your store.

This can be a particular problem if your store sits in a strip of other businesses. You might not be able to make your store stand out. You could lose customers if you have competing stores in your area and they make better use of their signage placement.

Under-awning signage can help. It gives you a more prominent way to advertise and market your business to passers-by.

For example, if you hang a front-facing sign, then people can see your store's name from the front and from a distance. This is also a useful way of attracting the attention of drivers if you have a road in front of your store.

If you hang a sign to the side of your store, then you make your business stand out to people walking on your street. They don't have to look at your shop front. Your sign tells them that you are there. They'll automatically see it because it is in their line of sight.

To learn more about under-awning signs and their benefits, contact business sign professionals.