How professional signage can improve your business

22 April 2015
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Starting and running a small local business in the modern economic climate is hard work. If you're looking to improve your sales and competitive edge, it's time to consider updating your business signage. Let's look at five ways that professional signage can enhance your business.

Create a strong, memorable brand

If you want to solidify your business as a trustworthy and successful brand in the minds of existing and new customers, a professional logo emblazoned on your place of business will help you do that. Using colours, images and unique fonts, you can convey the purpose of your business to consumers, and create a lasting memory associated with your goods and services.

Provide interactive experience

Social media is a fundamental part of many modern consumer's lives, and as a result, it is a crucial method of advertising for a small business. It doesn't matter how great your social media presence and content is, though, if you don't have any followers. Integrate your social media profile link or unique hashtag into your professional business signage, then sit back and what your followers increase.

Foster the right atmosphere

Your sign is the first impression a new customer often gets of your business, so it is important that you make them feel welcome and attracted to your business from that first point of contact. Similarly, continuity throughout all of your signage, including external, internal, vehicle and advertisements, will help your customers understand your business as a consistent and trustworthy brand. An experienced and creative sign writer will work with you to incorporate your business values and brand into your signage, producing a customer-friendly environment inside and out.

Stand out from the crowd

In a competitive marketplace, it is crucial that you carve a niche for your business by standing out from the crowd. One effective way to do this is with unique signage. Consider 3D or fabricated signage for the exterior of your business, with shadowing or lighting effects to show that your business is unique, professional and cutting-edge.

Promote special offers

While in-house or social media promotions are useful in reaching a limited audience, professional signage can help you reach a wider audience when promoting special offers. If you have a semi-regular promotion that you want to promote as a well-known bargain, a professional banner may be just what your promotion needs. Perhaps you have 2-for-1 memberships in May, or a biannual 20% off deal for every purchase over $100 -- a dynamic and recognisable banner can be reused for consistent branding and cost-effective advertising.

To discuss how your brand can be strengthened and business improved with creative signage solutions, make an appointment with a local sign writing company today.