2 Arguments For LED As Opposed To Neon-Illuminated Signage

6 May 2016
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The visibility of signs used in and around a commercial building is often an issue of concern for a large number of business owners. For this reason, many business owners choose to invest in illuminated business signs in their bid to achieve the highest level of visibility for their brand.

Neon and LED lighting technology are perhaps the most commonly used for the illumination of corporate signs. This article provides two arguments that support the use of LED-illuminated corporate signs instead of their neon-illuminated cousins.


The cost of investing in illuminated business signs is among the most important factors that should influence the choice between neon- and LED-illuminated lights for corporate signage.

Business owners are often advised to settle for the LED option due to its lower initial cost as compared to that of neon-illuminated business signs. The lower initial cost is attributed to various factors, including the fact that LED signs are often lighter and thinner than their neon-illuminated counterparts. Thus, business owners who choose LED signs will often pay less for the transportation of their corporate signs.

Also, LED-illuminated signs are seen to be more affordable than their neon counterparts when the cost of on-going maintenance for the two options is compared. With neon-illuminated signs, business owners will have to re-fill the neon contained in the glass tube whenever this gas runs out. In contrast, typical maintenance for LED signs involves a simple cleaning of the bulbs whenever such a need arises.

Therefore, LED-illuminated signs are preferred for their short-term and long-term affordability.


The level of customization provided by different signage options should also have an influence on the final choice of illuminated signage technology.

Neon-illuminated signs feature long glass tubes while their LED counterparts consist of multiple individual lights. For this reason, LED-illuminated signs offer a higher level of customization for a business entity. The multiple, separate lights on LED-illuminated signs can be manipulated to produce different colour combinations, animations and digital flashes on corporate signs.

In addition to this, neon-illuminated signs are static in the sense that the message(s) carried on the sign cannot be changed without replacing the sign. On the other hand, the same LED-illuminated sign can have a different message on it every day.

Other reasons for choosing LED-illuminated business signs include the fact that LED signs are free of noxious gases, which makes their use less harmful to the environment.