Don't Make These Mistakes When Choosing Business Signage

15 July 2016
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Your business signage can alert customers and clients to your location but also draw in foot traffic from outside. This is why it's good to think seriously about the type of signage you choose for any business, whether that's a restaurant, retail store, or a day spa. Note a few mistakes that many business owners make when choosing signage for their facility and then consider how to avoid them yourself.

Color on color

Color can make your signage stand out and it's good to opt for colors that can be seen from the road as well as colors that coordinate with your logo or trademark. Certain colors are also good for certain businesses, such as green for a day spa to evoke a sense of nature or primary colors for a child's clothing store. However, be careful about color on color; if you choose a brown color for your lettering on a wooden sign, the browns may just blend in. Grey or silver lettering on a white sign may also become virtually invisible. Make sure the colors you put on top of other colors don't clash but also allow the letters to stand out and be read easily.

Not using pictures

Some signage for businesses may not need pictures; if you're a lawyer, there may not be any reason to use a graphic image to advertise your business. However, pictures can entice buyers of just about any product, including car accessories, computer gadgets, and other items you might not think of displaying. A person sees a picture of something and they want it, so they may come into your establishment and start shopping. Pictures are used with good reason for salons and spas, gyms, and virtually all types of retail stores and eateries, including coffee shops and other simple diners, as they work to attract passersby, more so than plain lettering. Work with your sign maker to note how you can include a nice picture to advertise your business and also attract customers.

Not considering maintenance

How will you need to maintain your sign once it's been exposed to the elements over the course of many weeks, months, and years? A wood sign might need resealing and may fade over time, and a cheap plastic sign or neon sign may be prone to damage due to strong rain, hail, and the like. The look of your sign and its material is important but so is its maintenance and long-term costs, so be sure you figure this into your decision.