Pop Up or Panel Signs for Your Trade Show Exhibit?

1 September 2017
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Trade shows are a great way to advertise your business and connect with new potential clients as they get a chance to interact with you and your products or services on a one on one basis. Nevertheless, trade shows also tend to be chock full of other businesses looking to promote themselves too! Thus, you need to ensure that the signs you choose will give you an edge over the competition and attract the foot traffic you need to boost your bottom line. Knowing what types of signs are available to you makes it easier for you to discern what would work best for your particular display. So would your trade show exhibit be suited to a pop up sign or a panel sign?

Pop up signs

If you are working with a modest budget, you do not have to splurge on your business signs. Instead, you can choose a low-cost option such as a pop up display. These are one of the most affordable options since they are not made from premium materials. Nonetheless, they still get the job done! Pop up displays typically function as a backdrop for your exhibit. You then have the flexibility to customise the backdrop with whatever you want that would help you market your business. These customising could be in the form of images of your products, lettering with the name of your business and other unique messages that would help customers identify your brand. To make the pop up sign stand out more, you may consider accessorising it with lights, shelves and other items. Once the trade show is over, all you have to do is roll up your pop up and put into storage for the next time you have an exhibit.

Panel signs

Panel signs tend to be confused for pop up displays because they are both used as a backdrop for exhibition booths. The main difference between the two is that a panel sign is much more structured and has posts and beams that will hold up the materials used to create the sign. Thus, panel signs also tend to be much sturdier when compared to their pop up counterparts. Panel signs would be ideal for business owners who would like to create a large island exhibit at the trade show. Island exhibits allow you to put more items on display, so you would have a wider range of products for potential customers to peruse through. It should be noted panel signs will be available at varying price points depending on the materials used for the main structural frame. For instance, steel frames would be more expensive since they are much more stable than plastic.