3 Reasons to Choose PVC Foam Signs Over Aluminium Composite Panel Signs

15 January 2019
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The signs used to advertise your business or show people around your premises demand plenty of thought. It's easy to get caught up with right wording and design, but you should also give consideration to the material of the sign itself.

There are plenty of options, but many people will find themselves choosing between PVC foam and aluminium composite panel.

  • PVC foam is a composite of polyvinyl chloride that can be printed in a range of styles and designs — despite being called foam, your signs will be made from one solid piece of material.
  • Aluminium composite panel signs are made from a polyethylene core that's held between two thin sheets of aluminium.

While both materials have their own pros and cons, most business owners find that PVC foam signs are a better fit, and here are just three reasons why.

1. PVC Foam Signs Are Light

One of the best things about PVC foam signs is that they are extremely light. They can be moved around easily by any member of staff, and they don't put much strain on whatever wall is supporting them. In contrast, aluminium composite panel signs are relatively heavy. You can still move one around with relative ease, but you'll find it harder to change signs around if you need lots of them. That won't be a factor for all businesses, but it's something you might want to think about.

2. PVC Foam Signs Are More Cost-Effective

There are plenty of things to keep in mind when you're picking out business signage, but cost is always going to be one of the most important factors. Foam PVC is a great choice when you're keeping to a budget — it's one of the least expensive materials available. Aluminium composite panel signs tend to be among the most expensive, beating out plywood and MDF as well as PVC foam. If you're only ordering one or two smaller signs, the cost difference might be manageable. If you need more or want to go large, PVC foam is almost certainly the way to go.

3. PVC Foam is Hard to Dent

Aluminium composite panel signs are technically tougher than PVC foam signs in that they won't break very easily. Unfortunately, aluminium can be dented, which will leave your signs looking unprofessional. PVC foam can sustain small chips, but it won't dent across the entire service to obscure your message or make your business look bad.