DIY Tips for Printing Custom Stickers from Home

27 May 2019
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If you have just started a candle-making business from home, then printing custom stickers is the best way to get the word around. Moreover, well-placed stickers on a product have a direct impact compared to other forms of ads. Besides, for a small one-time cost, stickers have a longer shelf life. While you have the option to order ready-made custom stickers from suppliers, online designers offer the convenience of printing stickers from home. Therefore, you save money on shipping costs, which is essential for any bootstrapping startup company. Nonetheless, how do you go about printing great stickers for your candle business from home? This article highlights some creative ideas.  

Print Media

The first and arguably the most crucial step when printing custom stickers from home is choosing a preferred printing media. Are you going to use paper or vinyl? The two are the most popular media, with paper being the cheapest for custom stickers. Notably, paper stickers come in different shapes that you can choose from. Additionally, you can print custom stickers on pre-cut or whole sheet sticker papers. The former is more convenient because all you have to do is peel off the label once you are done with printing. Vinyl stickers, on the other hand, are more durable, mainly due to their water-resistant properties. This allows you to display your products outdoors without worrying about the elements. The best part is that inkjet printable vinyl papers are readily available at affordable prices. However, please note that DIY printed vinyl stickers might fade faster than professionally printed vinyl stickers because of the quality of inputs.

Get the Right Printer

As mentioned above, printing customized stickers is a convenient way to create a buzz about your products. Once you have decided on the type of medium you want for your labels, the next step is to find the right printer. In most cases, your choice of printer will largely depend on the sticker design. For a less complicated design, a four cartridge colour inkjet printer with a minimum 1200 dpi print resolution is more than enough. However, if you are looking to print sticker designs with more colour ranges, then a printer with at least six cartridges will suffice. You also have to match your printer to the print media. For example, use inkjet sticker paper with inkjet printers and vinyl stickers with laser printers. It helps to prevent melting and oozing of adhesive, which can cause irreparable damage to your equipment.

Let the Ink Dry

One mistake that most people make when printing stickers for the first time is not to give the ink sufficient time to dry. Once the printing process is complete, DIY novices might immediately peel the label and stick it on their products. Doing this will affect the longevity of sticker prints, especially if you are using vinyl stickers. Therefore, ensure that you give the ink enough time to dry before peeling the printed stickers off the sheets.