4 Types of chemical warning signs that you should have in your business

4 October 2019
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If you regularly handle hazardous chemicals in your business, having appropriate safety signs in place will be critical. Such signs prevent employees and customers from being injured while on your property.

There are many different risks that chemicals can cause. For example, flammable chemicals could result in costly fire damage, while corrosive chemicals are capable of burning through skin and property. This is why you need a robust selection of signs that will inform people of the potential risks of mishandling chemicals.

Here are four types of chemical warning signs that your business should have in place.

1.    Hazardous waste signs

If your business handles chemicals, then it will also handle chemical waste. Chemical waste can be equally (if not more) hazardous than regular chemicals, and thus proper signage is necessary to keep such waste in a safe and secure area. Your hazardous waste signs should be installed in storage areas, on waste disposal containers, and other areas of the business dedicated to keeping such materials.

Similar to SDS signs, make sure each chemical waste sign is clearly visible and properly labelled. The sign should also state the type of risks that your chemical waste can cause.  

2.    Chemical storage signs

You should also have signs that clearly identify chemical storage areas. Whether the storage is being done indoors or outdoors, chemical storage signs will warn both employees and customers to keep away from such areas (unless they have authorised access).

Each sign should begin with "Warning" or "Danger" before spelling out other relevant details. With storage areas clearly labelled, your business will be less prone to liability from trespassers or regulatory authorities.

3.    Safety data sheet signs

Data sheets provide important information regarding a particular type of chemical. They come in handy during daily operations and also in the event of an emergency. Make sure your premises have these safety data sheet signs installed in clearly visible areas.

Relevant personnel should be able to easily locate where data sheets are whenever they're needed. The key to successful installation of such signs is to use a visible colour, the right sized sign and a durable material that doesn't easily become worn out.

4.    Pesticide signs

If you deal with agricultural or pest management products, you may have pesticides on your premises. Pesticides can cause harm if they end up in the wrong hands. Therefore, make sure that you install signs in any areas where these chemicals are stored or handled. Such signs should clearly mention the presence of pesticides and the potential risks that could happen.