Getting the most out of wayfinding signs

15 September 2020
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Most business owners understand the importance of outdoor retail signs in drawing a customer's attention, as well as of interior signs that advertise particular products or sales. However, there's another area of signage that's just as important to the customer's experience. Wayfinding signage helps shop owners adapt to the current requirements to keep patrons safe during the COVID-19 outbreak. This type of signage offers many opportunities for business owners to create their ideal customer experience. 

What is wayfinding signage? 

Wayfinding signage helps a customer find their way within an establishment. Although it can advertise a business or product, that isn't its main purpose. Instead, it guides the customer to different departments, points out exits, and generally makes the store easier to navigate. 

Health and safety 

Wayfinding retail signage has always played an important role in keeping customers and employees safe; for instance, clear signage makes it easy to find exits, fire extinguishers, first aid kits, and more. With business working to make social distancing easier, however, this type of signage has taken on a whole new importance. Signs that mark out safe distances, direct customers to hand sanitiser stations, or explain a shop's one-way system not only help reduce the risk of infection but also make the experience of shopping smoother and more enjoyable. 


Although the purpose of wayfinding signs isn't promotional, it can still be an important part of a business's overall branding strategy. From floor arrows to department signs, your signage can convey the look and feel of your business, whether that's confidently professional or quirkily individual. 

Guiding the customer

Not only does the appearance of your wayfinding signs convey an impression of your business to customers, but proper wayfinding can also help guide visitors to the parts of your store you want them to see. If you have a particular area you want to make sure customers visit, consider putting it at the beginning or end of the path you create with your signage. Use larger or dramatic signs to call attention to particularly exciting areas, while using unobtrusive signs to indicate areas that need less promotion. By creating an ideal path through the building, complete with clear and attractive wayfinding signs, you can ensure that customers have a safe and satisfying experience. 

Whether you just need to point out where the exits are, keep your customers socially distanced, or create a smooth, end-to-end customer experience, contact retail sign companies to learn how to create products that convey your brand identity while being easy for customers to spot and read.