4 Types of chemical warning signs that you should have in your business

4 October 2019
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If you regularly handle hazardous chemicals in your business, having appropriate safety signs in place will be critical. Such signs prevent employees and customers from being injured while on your property. There are many different risks that chemicals can cause. For example, flammable chemicals could result in costly fire damage, while corrosive chemicals are capable of burning through skin and property. This is why you need a robust selection of signs that will inform people of the potential risks of mishandling chemicals. Read More 

DIY Tips for Printing Custom Stickers from Home

27 May 2019
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If you have just started a candle-making business from home, then printing custom stickers is the best way to get the word around. Moreover, well-placed stickers on a product have a direct impact compared to other forms of ads. Besides, for a small one-time cost, stickers have a longer shelf life. While you have the option to order ready-made custom stickers from suppliers, online designers offer the convenience of printing stickers from home. Read More 

3 Reasons to Choose PVC Foam Signs Over Aluminium Composite Panel Signs

15 January 2019
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The signs used to advertise your business or show people around your premises demand plenty of thought. It's easy to get caught up with right wording and design, but you should also give consideration to the material of the sign itself. There are plenty of options, but many people will find themselves choosing between PVC foam and aluminium composite panel. PVC foam is a composite of polyvinyl chloride that can be printed in a range of styles and designs — despite being called foam, your signs will be made from one solid piece of material. Read More